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Supreme High-Mountain Oolong Green Tea


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Weight: 150 g

Packaging: Vacuum-sealed aluminium foil bag in an eco-friendly paper box

Taste: fragrant flower foretaste with a marvellous floral aftertaste

Aroma: woody

The appearance of the tea leaf: Green rolled bold pellets

Colour of Tea: Bright Green

Season: 2020 spring tea

Roasted: 20%

Oxidation: between low and medium

Elevation: 1300 M

Origin: Alisan, Taiwan


Out of stock


Story of High-Mountain Oolong Green Tea

Taiwan is one of the most famous premium quality tea origins. But, are you wondering why Taiwan produces higher grade teas?

Firstly, it’s about weather and geographic conditions.  Taiwan’s climate is very variable during four seasons.  Besides, it has many high, steep mountains with diverse weather conditions. Moreover, the altitude and soil are different too.  These factors cause differences in tea leave appearance, aroma, and it gives the tea multiple flavours.

So much so, professional tea backers who are continuously developing a more variety of teas to stand out from the enormous tea market competitions in Asia.  That’s why the High-Mountain Green Tea created.

Carefully hand-selected using only the most delicate leaves, this speciality tea offers a deliciously golden-yellow liquor with the most wonderfully clean, jasmine-sweet flavour. What’s more, like all green tea, it provides the most refreshing and satisfying infusion, which suits any time of the day.

Brewing Guide:

Tea to water ratio: 1g tea:80 or 100ml water; use filtered water and ceramic teaware to enhance the flavour.

Water temperature: 95-100°C

Brewing time: 5-8 minutes. 3+re-steeping



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