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Speciality Tea Tasting Box


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Get Four Types Speciality Tea at Once!

And Explore The Finest And Authentic Asian Tea with Art of Tea and Vessels

Our current selection for this box contains the following:

  1. 10g Oriental Beauty Tea
  2. 10g Red Jade Black Tea
  3. 10 g Supreme Dong- Ding Oolong Tea
  4. 10 g High Mountain Oolong Tea


Total weight: 40g

  • Brewing Guide:

Tea to water ratio: 1g tea:80 or 100ml water; use filtered water and ceramic teaware to enhance the flavour.

Water temperature: 85-95°C

Brewing time: 5-8 minutes. 1-3 re-steeping


  1. Oriental Beauty Tea: apple, grape, fragrant wood and honey-sweet tastes
  2. Sun Moon Lake Red Jade Black Tea: Cinnamon and light mint tastes
  3. Supreme Dong- Ding Oolong Tea: fragrant flower and woody foretaste with a marvellous floral aftertaste tastes
  4. High Mountain Oolong Tea: fragrant flower foretaste sometimes slightly astringent with a marvellous floral aftertaste


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